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Of Proper Bars, Dissident Noise, and Righteous Representation: Queers & Beers 4 Does it Right

Originally published in the San Antonio Current. Queers & Beers is a roving, irregularly occurring, independent music event that exists to promote community and visibility for LGBTQ acts across genres. Furthermore, it aims to combat rampant stigmas surrounding the (sadly) widespread perception that music by members of the LGBTQ community all sounds one particular way.

Pride Center SA is Looking to Hire a Community Empowerment Coordinator

Pride Center San Antonio announced this week it is looking to hire a community empowerment coordinator who will help organize programming, services and outreach to the LGBT community. According to Pride Center’s announcement, the position will be “responsible for supporting Pride Center objectives by coordinating community involvement and service-learning events and projects; acting as a

Dentists and Wives Living Their Best Lives

Once old age renders you ineligible for a sticker at the end of your visit to the dentist, there is little joy involved. That won’t stop the best of dentists from trying, however. For example, Dr. Natalee Treviño Cortez, 36, will go so far as to sing mariachi songs to patients as she works on

How to Get Ahead in Show Business: Kathy Griffin Tells All

Originally published in the Orlando Weekly. Kathy Griffin has plenty to talk about. The diminutive redhead comedian has a tendency to dominate a conversation through sheer volume – meaning a measurement of quantity, not loudness – as we learned in a recent phone conversation. The conversation runs the gamut of news and entertainment topics, from