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San Antonio gallery to host LGBTQ-friendly installation from the Human Rights Campaign

Hopscotch, a downtown San Antonio gallery that hosts immersive art experiences, will debut an installation from the Human Rights Campaign. The HRC installation will open on Thursday, August 5. The acrylic panel and LED light installation, dubbed GAZE, “transports guests into a world that encourages them to see beyond their own experience and into a

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pledges to revive bill banning gender-affirming care for transgender kids

Apparently, Gov. Greg Abbott isn’t done trying to ramrod culture war issues through during the special session he called of the Texas Legislature. Texas’ Republican governor told a radio interviewer Monday that he’ll soon try to stop transgender minors from obtaining transition-related medical services, the Texas Tribune reports. Such a move would revive a push

Kiki with Akasha: San Antonio dancer Antonio Padron dishes about his turn on HBO’s ‘Legendary’

Jennie Livingston’s cult documentary Paris Is Burning and — like it or not — the music video for Madonna’s derivative anthem “Vogue” will forever pop up in conversations about ballroom culture. But as famed critic Guy Trebay pointed out in a 2000 Village Voice story dubbed “Legends of the Ball,” those two 1990 works are

Texas attorney general says state board can’t ban social workers from discriminating against LGBTQ or disabled people

In a nonbinding opinion, Ken Paxton said the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council doesn’t have the authority to punish social workers who refuse service to clients based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or disability status. By Isabella Zou, The Texas Tribune Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a nonbinding legal opinion Monday that