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New Documentary is Fascinating Tribute to Late Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen

During a scene in the 2009 dramedy The Devil Wears Prada, an inexperienced fashion magazine assistant played by Anne Hathaway complains to her boyfriend about the pretentious nature of the fashion world. The magazine’s callous editor had berated her for an innocent, albeit clueless, remark she made about accessories. “They all act like they’re curing

Sheriff Appoints Liaisons to LGBTQ and Other ‘Culturally-Specific’ Communities

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar has unveiled a new initiative, dubbed the “Community and Internal Liaison Program,” with the goal of creating relationships with culturally-specific communities in the county. Among the 12 deputies who were appointed to the program is Sgt. Stephanie Flores who will serve as the sheriff’s liaison to the LGBTQ community. “In

A Big Gay Brunch for We Are Alive

If you enjoy brunch, drag, $2 mimosas, and supporting worthy nonprofit organizations, Knockout Sport Bar’s Big Gay Brunch on August 19 is the event for you! The worthy nonprofit of the hour is We Are Alive, an organization with a simple mission to support people with terminal and severe chronic illnesses. We Are Alive’s primary

Texas Pride Impact Funds Publishes Needs Assessment of State’s LGBTQ Community

The Houston-based nonprofit, Texas Pride Impact Funds, has published a statewide study that offers “a systematic examination of the perspectives and needs of LBGTQ individuals in Texas and the organizations within the community that serve them.” The study, titled “IMPACT! Texas Statewide LGBTQ Community Needs Assessment” seeks to “fully grasp the diverse needs of LGBTQ