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‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ Fans the Flames of Desire

‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ Fans the Flames of Desire

Originally published in the Orlando Weekly. We’ve heard a lot about Little Women recently, but it’s the female filmmakers behind and in front of the camera of the French romance Portrait of a Lady on Fire who really deserve the attention. Though the original title refers to a “jeune fille” (literally “young girl”), there is

‘The Favourite’ is a Cunning, Cheeky Treat

Originally published in Cleveland Scene. There’s a moment in director Yorgos Lanthimos’ new period dramedy that perfectly encapsulates its sumptuous, irresistibly cheeky charm. Wig-wearing, rouge-splattered Parliamentary leaders are racing ribbon-adorned ducks around a tiny racetrack inside a royal palace, cheering them on with wild, honking abandon. It matters little that the “prime minister” isn’t really