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Knot Applicable: BDSM in Real Life

So the second Fifty Shades movie came out earlier this year. And you know what, y’all? I could go all angry feminist about the series that would take way more column inches than Out In SA allots me. Short version? I’m so, so, so happy that people are having interesting and open conversations about BDSM

A Look Inside Southtown’s Frida Kahlo-Inspired Casa Azul de Andrea

I have a confession to make, y’all. When I was finishing my undergraduate degree, I was offered an amazing opportunity for a full partnership in a little restaurant — total creative control and no financial investment necessary, just my kitchen prowess and my hard work. The space was available and the partnership was with an

Celebrating the Vital Work of Community Leader Andrea Figueroa

A lot of people take time off between high school and college. Most don’t end up playing in a band in L.A, but that was the start of Andrea Figueroa’s path to becoming the executive director of the Martinez Street Women’s Center (MSWC). Not-for-profit work was not part of her original life plan, but now

Intimacy in the Face of Fear

I had been planning a column on rebuilding relationships after a particularly heinous election year. “Elephants Need Love, Too” or something silly like that. But something happened that I didn’t really expect. Donald Trump won the election and the already-strained relationships surrounding his candidacy began to fracture and crumble. I was working out of town

Eating Clean to Get Dirty

Clinical nutrition work has been a bigger and bigger part of my private practice recently. People who aren’t digging talk therapy (or already have an amazing therapist) are coming in for nutritional coaching sessions because they want to boost their physical, mental and emotional health with nutrition and natural supplements. Less reliance on pharmaceutical demigods

One-Week Stands and U-Hauling

Unless you live directly in the center of your Dirt Devil, you’ve heard the joke: “What does a lesbian bring on a second date?” Say it with me, now: “A U-Haul.” My lady-lovin’ ladies may get the most crap for this behavior, but in reality, no one is really exempt. Doesn’t matter if you are