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Dentists and Wives Living Their Best Lives

Dentists and Wives Living Their Best Lives

Once old age renders you ineligible for a sticker at the end of your visit to the dentist, there is little joy involved. That won’t stop the best of dentists from trying, however. For example, Dr. Natalee Treviño Cortez, 36, will go so far as to sing mariachi songs to patients as she works on

A Big Gay Brunch for We Are Alive

If you enjoy brunch, drag, $2 mimosas, and supporting worthy nonprofit organizations, Knockout Sport Bar’s Big Gay Brunch on August 19 is the event for you! The worthy nonprofit of the hour is We Are Alive, an organization with a simple mission to support people with terminal and severe chronic illnesses. We Are Alive’s primary

Latinx is back with a vengeance

Last summer, San Antonio’s community of queer and trans people of color welcomed a party designed just for them. On July 30, party-goers of all walks made their way to The Phantom Room for Latinx, a type of event completely new to SA. Organizers Kat Bustos and Henry Rodriguez were eager to present an alternative to the usual queer

Flea-market babies

We don’t just put out old furniture and wait till somebody comes by and buys it.” Anthony and Uriel Diaz, known as “the boys” to their loyal patrons, manage Karolina’s Antiques on Blanco Road. Still in their 20s, the brothers are younger, browner, and gayer than the average antique shop’s management. But while they may