The Color of Blind exhibition takes over Brick

Courtesy image.

March 21-22, 6:30pm
Brick, 108 Blue Star

Curated by Trina Bacon, The Color of Blind provides guests with a unique experience where they can perceive art without actually being able to see it. The third annual interactive art show invites guests to touch, smell and taste the art, providing them with a multi-sensory experience. Bacon brings “the arts to the visually impaired community, so that they may … experience individual art pieces using their other senses” and provides those who can see, a glimpse into a life without sight. Bacon eventually hopes to see San Antonio open the first art museum for the visually impaired in the US.

This Contemporary Art Month, the exhibition takes over Brick and features work by James Heathering, Cat Quintanilla, Joan Frederick and Cody Vance. The artists are challenged to explore art in a new way, thinking of the visually impaired and how they can “see” the artwork without using sight. The Color of Blind provides guests with an art show unlike anything they have come across during Contemporary Art Month.



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