Man Shot by Security Guard at Club Essence

(Photo: Yelp)

A man was shot as he and a friend scuffled with a security guard at around 1 a.m on Saturday, January 12 at Club Essence, located at 800 Lexington Avenue.

According to a report on KSAT-TV, the security guard asked a highly intoxicated man to leave the club because he was bothering patrons. When the guard escorted the man out of the club, the man started a fight with the guard in the parking lot.

An acquaintance of the drunken man decided to help his friend by coming up behind the security guard, grabbing him and putting him into a choke hold. The security guard reached for his pistol and shot the drunken man’s friend in the stomach.

The injured man was taken to the San Antonio Military Medical Center in serious condition.

Charges are pending for the two club patrons. According to media reports, police say the guard is not expected to be charged.


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