Texas Equity PAC Releases Lists of Endorsements for 2020 Election

Among those endorsed by the Texas Equity PAC are members of the State Legislature's LGBTQ Caucus: State Representatives Celia Israel, Mary Gonzalez, Erin Zwiener, Jessica Gonzalez and Julie Johnson. (Courtesy photo)

Texas Equity PAC, the official political action committee of Equality Texas, released three lists of endorsements for the 2020 General Election.

In their press release Texas Equity explains, “Endorsements are only done for Texas races. Senate and House endorsements are based on the following factors:

  1. Authorship or co-authorship of legislation that supports full lived equality for LGBTQ people.
  2. Floor votes on good and bad bills and amendments in their deliberations.
  3. LGBTQ Caucus membership.
  4. Exceptional leadership in committee work to protect LGBTQ rights and/or in breaking with their party to support nondiscrimination or speak publicly on behalf of the LGBTQ community.”

First Round – LGBTQ Founding Caucus Members
The 2020 endorsements appeared on three lists, the first of which was released last December. In that list Texas Equity PAC endorsed the five founding members of the LGBTQ House Caucus which was formed in January 2019. State Representatives Celia Israel, Mary Gonzalez, Erin Zwiener, Jessica Gonzalez and Julie Johnson all received a thumbs up.

Second Round – State Senators
The second and third round of endorsements were released on February 4.

The second list named endorsements for five State Senators who received an A or A+ on the Equality Texas Legislative Scorecard. Those endorsed in this group are state Senators Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa of McAllen, José Menéndez of San Antonio, Carol Alvarado and Borris Miles of Houston and Judith Zaffirini of Laredo.

“These senators authored pro-equality bills and amendments and led the fight in the senate to beat back the lt. governor’s anti-LGBTQ agenda and showed tremendous leadership fighting for the very heart of our mission and guiding principles of full equality for every Texan,” said Ricardo Martinez, CEO of Texas Equity PAC, said in a press release.

Third Round – House Members
Twenty-nine House Members, who scored an A or A+ on the Equality Texas Legislative Scorecard, received endorsements.

House Members Alma Allen, Raphael Anchia, Michelle Beckley, Diego Bernal, John Bucy, Gina Calanni, Sheryl Cole, Garnet Coleman, Nicole Collier, Gina Hinojosa, Donna Howard, Joe Moody, Ana Maria Ramos, Richard Raymond, Ron Reynolds, Eddie Rodriguez, James Talarico, Senfronia Thompson, Chris Turner, Gene Wu, Cesar Blanco, Vikki Goodwin, Barbara Gervin Hawkins, Ana Hernandez, Mando Martinez, Terry Meza, Christina Morales, Jon Rosenthal, and Armando Walle received endorsements.

“These leaders helped move pro-LGBTQ legislation further than ever before, including holding a first-ever hearing on ending the dangerous practice of ‘conversion therapy.’ They also fought on the house floor to defeat anti-LGBTQ legislation and authored pro-equality bills and amendments, and many of these members also joined the first ever LGBTQ House Caucus to change hearts and minds this legislative session,” Martinez said of the endorsed House Members.


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