Texas LGBTs Reminded of Affordable Care Act’s December 15 Enrollment Deadline

The enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act is November 1 to December 15. (Images courtesy Out2Enroll.org)

Equality Texas is spreading the word to the LGBT community that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still the law of the land and consumers have until December 15 to sign up for health care coverage.

In an email sent out on December 3, Equality Texas CEO Chuck Smith explains, “There are more insurers than before, prices are stable, and 8 in 10 people get a discount on their premiums. In fact, most people can find health insurance for under $75/month.”

In past years, the enrollment period was much longer. But the Trump administration is making every effort to sabotage the ACA and has cut this time in half.

The ACA has helped a significant number of LGBT people get access to affordable health insurance. Thanks to the law, the uninsured rate for low and middle income LGBT people has dropped by 35%.

There is good news for trans and genderqueer people who need health insurance. Being transgender is no longer a preexisting condition. Insurers cannot refuse to sell you a plan or charge you more based on your gender identity or medical history. This is true even if you have been refused coverage in the past.

A Transgender Health Insurance Guide for the state of Texas compares insurance companies that offer clear, partial or no coverage.

LGBT consumers who want help from someone who understands their questions about same-sex coverage and transition-related care should check out the website of Out2Enroll, a national campaign to empower LGBT consumers to get access to health care.

Enrollment assistance is available in San Antonio through EnrollSA.

Nearly 120,000 people in the San Antonio area rely on the ACA for affordable health care. There are 25 EnrollSA locations where local consumers can sign up for the ACA. Use this link to find a location and schedule an appointment online. You can also call 211 or 210-977-7997 to request enrollment assistance.

“Spread the word,” Smith says. “The Trump administration won’t lift a finger to help our community—so it’s on each of us to get the word out about the December 15 deadline. Post it on social media and make sure your loved ones are insured.”


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