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Southtown’s New Flame: Battalion Lights Up a Historic Fire Station

Southtown’s New Flame: Battalion Lights Up a Historic Fire Station

In an interview for a previous article on the Lavaca neighborhood, resident Suzanne Martinez expressed a certain nostalgia for the time when the firehouse on South Alamo was operational: “The men were always there, playing basketball outside … they were [effectively] in charge of safety.” They watched over the kids, she indicated — and the

Passing: How Transitioning Changed the Way I’m Perceived

“Some say you must look the part in order to play the part, but as much as gender can be performative, ultimately, it is derived from the individual’s self-determined identity regardless of appearances.” Recently, I visited my local sexual health clinic for a routine STI screening, and despite having gone to the same clinic for

Speaking Out: Comedian Joan Riviera Emerges as a Trans Activist

“I am your mother! I am your sister! I am whatever you want!” On a recent evening at Main Plaza, around 70 members of San Antonio’s LGBT community had gathered to speak out against the Trump administration which, just a day earlier, had rescinded Obama-era guidelines meant to accommodate transgender students in public schools. Organized

A Look Inside Southtown’s Frida Kahlo-Inspired Casa Azul de Andrea

I have a confession to make, y’all. When I was finishing my undergraduate degree, I was offered an amazing opportunity for a full partnership in a little restaurant — total creative control and no financial investment necessary, just my kitchen prowess and my hard work. The space was available and the partnership was with an

Celebrating the Vital Work of Community Leader Andrea Figueroa

A lot of people take time off between high school and college. Most don’t end up playing in a band in L.A, but that was the start of Andrea Figueroa’s path to becoming the executive director of the Martinez Street Women’s Center (MSWC). Not-for-profit work was not part of her original life plan, but now

Texas Rover Company Pays Homage to Travelers of the Past

On a recent evening at The Tiny Finch in Pearl, Texas Rover Company founder John Humphreys looms over a crowd of eager customers who are attempting to get a glimpse of the several high-quality leather products on display at the boutique. At six-foot-five, Humphreys’ intimidating figure is offset by his unassuming personality. Here, Humphreys mingles