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Trans Prisoner Granted Parole After Years of Violent Abuse

Trans Prisoner Granted Parole After Years of Violent Abuse

Originally published in the San Antonio Current Passion Star, formally known as Joshua Zollicoffer, has filed more than 30 grievances for the chronic sexual and physical abuse she’s endured as a transgender women within the Texas prison system. For her past 14 years behind bars, Star’s grievances have largely been ignored by prison officials. Only

Trans Woman Released on Parole from Texas Men’s Prison

A transgender woman named Passion Star was granted parole on December 6 after serving 14 years of a 20 year sentence at all-male detention facilities, most recently at the Telford State Prison in Bowie County, Texas. “Passion’s experience in custody has been punctuated by acts of interpersonal and institutional violence,” Demoya Gordon, an attorney with

Transgender prisoner claims mistreatment at Crosspoint

“I want to end the torture and abuse of all incarcerated transgender people.” A chief technology officer for a health-care consulting firm, Mikia Storm oversees the IT Department as part of her new life since she was released from federal prison and subsequent time in a San Antonio halfway house after a conviction for conspiracy