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Drinking and Dining in the Storied St. Anthony Hotel

Drinking and Dining in the Storied St. Anthony Hotel

Even without the excuse of an event or a staycation, a visit to the new-and-improved St. Anthony Hotel Is a must. (It should be noted that Travis Park, the hotel’s front yard, has also been spiffied up.) Okay, there’s a tad too much mausoleum marble for my taste — so cool, so slick — and

Out of the kitchen: Andrew Goodman

“I like to be in restaurants, and it’s even better when you aren’t responsible.” On rare days when he has more time, Andrew Goodman follows a six-mile walking regimen on the river’s Mission Reach hike-and-bike trails. Busier days, the circuit can be cut to two miles down and two miles back. Goodman, owner and main

Business spotlight: Feast

From reading cookbooks in the back of HH-60 helicopters to a yearlong apprenticeship where his fingers never left the cutting board, Chef Stefan Bowers was destined for culinary greatness. In 2011, while working as executive chef at 20Nine, Bowers met entrepreneur Andrew Goodman, and the pair opened the doors to Feast, the King William spot