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Cornyation Raises $200,000 for Charities, Scholarships

Cornyation Raises $200,000 for Charities, Scholarships

The board of directors of Fiesta Cornyation announced today that for the second year in a row they raised a record-breaking $200,000 which they will distribute to local charities and college students on June 12. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Fiesta Cornyation raises funds through ticket sales for six shows performed at the Charlene McCombs Empire

Gay Royalty Rules Cornyation’s Court of Our Mad, Mad, Mad World

Michael Bobo and his husband Wayne D. Beers — the dynamic duo of W.D. Deli — have been preparing for their crowning moment for years, so to speak. So when the lights go down, the music starts thumping, the curtains go up and an odd assortment of outrageous drag queens, city celebs and other bizarre,

King Couple to Come Out at Corny Fundraiser

Wayne D. Beers and Michael Bobo will make their first official appearance as Kings Anchovy LI at Cornyation’s 5th Annual King’s Coming Out Party at El Mirador on April 5. This is the first time Cornyation has appointed two kings but not the first time it has had two monarchs. In 2014, Steve and Jody