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On the Chartreuse Couch: Gene Elder Interviews Ansen Seale

On the Chartreuse Couch: Gene Elder Interviews Ansen Seale

Gene: Hi Ansen! Nice to have you back to the Chartreuse Couch. I know you have been doing some really exciting projects since we last spoke. And all our listeners want the inside insight to your projects. Let’s start with money. You have a great light show at Frost Bank. Start there. Ansen: Hi Gene.

Political Art Month on the Chartreuse Couch

Ask your doctor if political art is right for you. May cause hindsight, nausea, projectile vomiting, heart palpitations, sweaty palms, bowel irregularity, dry mouth, high blood pressure, blurred vision, violent laughter, and other uncontrollable irritations. But relax it is only art. With your host, Gene Elder It is impossible to ignore politics, especially now, and it will be

From the Archives: The Shocking Gray Years (1990-1995)

Long before LGBTQA was an acronym, there was Shocking Gray. Launched right here in the Alamo City circa 1990, this brave enterprise established itself as the nation’s premier gay and lesbian mail-order catalog by providing pre-internet shoppers with niche apparel, accessories, books, art, decor and an array of gifts emblazoned with pink triangles and rainbow

Gene Elder interviews photographer Susan Riley

“My shots of Elvis Presley from a concert here in San Antonio have been lost to the universe.” Gene: Hi, Susan. Welcome to my humble Chartreuse Couch. I am so glad you could be here to talk about your photography for Fotoseptiembre. Just move those pillows over and sit and feel the love. Susan: Hey,

Gene Elder interviews art critic Sarah Fisch

Gene Elder: Greetings Sarah. Thank you for joining all of us on the global gossip sofa. Just move those stuffed animals out of the way and have a seat. Don’t sit on Bugs Bunny. I am very interested in your recent study venture in California, but I know we have more important things to discuss. Let’s