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Texas “Bathroom Bill” Endangers Trans People, Protects No One

Texas “Bathroom Bill” Endangers Trans People, Protects No One

Originally published in the San Antonio Current. This week, trans individuals, their loved ones and members of their community showed up at the Texas state capitol to lobby and voice their opposition to Senate Bill 6, also known as the bathroom bill. I tried my best to watch a live stream of the bill’s hearing,

Challenging Transphobia Within Queer Spaces

Originally published in the San Antonio Current When I was asked to attend a friend’s queer-friendly Studio 54-themed party last year, I hit up my favorite thrift stores as soon as I could to find the perfect Bianca Jagger-inspired ensemble. The night of the party came, my look was red hot, and I spent the

Great Expectations: A Trans Dilemma

“There is an expectation for trans women in our society to look and to act ‘traditionally feminine’ at all times.” When I wake up, I take a few minutes before I get out of bed — psyching myself up to get ready, whether for work, running errands or just hanging out with friends. I need that moment

The Power of Language: Discussing Trans Identity

As a trans woman, I would rather someone inquire politely than assume anything about me. Like most users of popular dating apps, I’ve had some fairly dodgy experiences while trying to put myself out there in the digital dating world. Unfortunately, these experiences have been shaped by how others receive my trans-ness. Unless I want