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For Gene Elder, Getting Arrested Is Making Art

For Gene Elder, Getting Arrested Is Making Art

Artist, activist and Out In SA columnist Gene Elder says his arrest last summer in Alamo Heights, where he where he was charged with interfering with an arrest and resisting arrest, was his way of making art. “I just got out of my car on Bastille Day July 14th, 2016 and put on my art

Political Art Month on the Chartreuse Couch

Ask your doctor if political art is right for you. May cause hindsight, nausea, projectile vomiting, heart palpitations, sweaty palms, bowel irregularity, dry mouth, high blood pressure, blurred vision, violent laughter, and other uncontrollable irritations. But relax it is only art. With your host, Gene Elder It is impossible to ignore politics, especially now, and it will be

Gene Elder interviews photographer Susan Riley

“My shots of Elvis Presley from a concert here in San Antonio have been lost to the universe.” Gene: Hi, Susan. Welcome to my humble Chartreuse Couch. I am so glad you could be here to talk about your photography for Fotoseptiembre. Just move those pillows over and sit and feel the love. Susan: Hey,