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Country days and drag nights on the South Side

Country days and drag nights on the South Side

They would eat tuna-fish sandwiches with watermelon by the river until it was time to go into the bar and get dressed for the evening.   John McBurney and I sit down at the table to look at just a handful of the hundreds of Polaroid pictures he has stashed away from the Ponderosa. He’s

How Cornyation became the ruling roué of Fiesta

Cornyation was an important part of the democratization of Fiesta. Children fidgeted and adults downed the last of their longneck beers as they waited for the show to begin. The sweeping Arneson River Theatre was in the middle of the Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA) midway, pushed against the edge of the river. The

A View of Reality from a Chartreuse Couch*: Author Toby Johnson

“The fact that there are homosexuals, lesbians, bisexual men and women, transsexuals—queer people all—who are proclaiming their presence in society forces everybody to rethink what sex and gender is about.”   Gene: So, Toby, we finally get you on the Chartreuse Couch. There are many topics that I want to inquire about. As you have

A brief history of SA’s queer media

San Antonio has had many queer publications over the decades, some lasting only a few months, others having remarkably long runs. 1970s This 1974 issue of Together Gay, a publication of the San Antonio Gay Community Center, provides an interesting example of how some queer San Antonians creatively responded to the challenges they faced. Gene