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Hot Glue & Duct Tape: John McBurney’s Rasquache Aesthetic

Hot Glue & Duct Tape: John McBurney’s Rasquache Aesthetic

“We had the courage and the tenacity to be flamboyant and to be ourselves.” “I’m an old showgirl,” John McBurney says, as he shows me a faded photo of himself in partial drag backstage at Cornyation in 1998. McBurney is 61. “I am 6’ 4’’ and almost 300 pounds. I have to be very couture.

On the Chartreuse Couch: Gene Elder interviews Ann Kinser and Michael Mehl

Gene: Ann, Michael have a seat on the sofa. Thanks for joining me and millions of others around the world. Michael, we know you are the spark that ignited the fire for Fotoseptiembre and we should talk about that. And Ann you were a major highlight at Cornyation for several early years, and I know a

Stonewall Dems slate night of awards and comedy

On September 26, the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio will host their annual awards presentation in conjunction with a night of comedy performances. This is the ninth anniversary of the awards and the second year they’ve been presented as part of a night of comedy. Every year, Stonewall honors local citizens and politicians with awards