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Fiesta Cornyation’s King Anchovy LII is Jeffrey James

Fiesta Cornyation’s King Anchovy LII is Jeffrey James

The board of directors of Fiesta Cornyation, billed as “the raunchiest, cheapest event of Fiesta,” have announced this year’s King Anchovy LII will be Jeffrey James, the proprietor of James Lawnmower Sales and Service. James will preside over the Court of Insane Privilege during Cornyation performances slated for April 25 through 27 at the Charlene

On the Chartreuse Couch: Gene Elder Interviews Ken Slavin

Gene: Ken, here you are at last. On the couch where you belong. Now, I want you to just lie down and make yourself comfortable and just say the first thing that comes to mind. What do you think of when I say, “Artists giving their art to fundraisers and musicians playing for free at

Cornyation Raises $200,000 for Charities, Scholarships

The board of directors of Fiesta Cornyation announced today that for the second year in a row they raised a record-breaking $200,000 which they will distribute to local charities and college students on June 12. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Fiesta Cornyation raises funds through ticket sales for six shows performed at the Charlene McCombs Empire

Artist Chris Sauter Talks Curators, Coming Out and Playing with Stereotypes

Chris Sauter’s big break came in 1999 when an Artpace curator told him to “go for it.” The San Antonio-born artist raised on his grandparents’ ranch outside Boerne proposed to cut pieces out of the gallery’s drywall and transform them into his childhood family dining room. Viewers had to walk through the oval circle in

All About That Dress: A History of Cornyation Fashion

For the last three years, I’ve been working on a book about the history of our most beloved Fiesta event, Cornyation. I’m pleased to report that the book will be published in March 2017 by Trinity University Press, and it will include more than 100 pictures of Cornyation over the years. Over the course of

Hot Glue & Duct Tape: John McBurney’s Rasquache Aesthetic

“We had the courage and the tenacity to be flamboyant and to be ourselves.” “I’m an old showgirl,” John McBurney says, as he shows me a faded photo of himself in partial drag backstage at Cornyation in 1998. McBurney is 61. “I am 6’ 4’’ and almost 300 pounds. I have to be very couture.

Gay Royalty Rules Cornyation’s Court of Our Mad, Mad, Mad World

Michael Bobo and his husband Wayne D. Beers — the dynamic duo of W.D. Deli — have been preparing for their crowning moment for years, so to speak. So when the lights go down, the music starts thumping, the curtains go up and an odd assortment of outrageous drag queens, city celebs and other bizarre,

Ray Chavez Recalls Cornyation Antics Through the Ages

“Ray is the heart and soul of Cornyation … it wouldn’t be here without him.” The house was packed and Cornyation was in full swing. The music was blaring, the stage lights glaring, and a group of actors and dancers were performing in another outlandish skit to thunderous roars, when, suddenly, a dancer took an unscripted nosedive

On the Chartreuse Couch: Gene Elder interviews Ann Kinser and Michael Mehl

Gene: Ann, Michael have a seat on the sofa. Thanks for joining me and millions of others around the world. Michael, we know you are the spark that ignited the fire for Fotoseptiembre and we should talk about that. And Ann you were a major highlight at Cornyation for several early years, and I know a

BEAT AIDS banquet theme: ‘It takes a village’

The theme for this year’s BEAT AIDS Coalition Trust’s Annual Awards Banquet, slated for October 16, will be “HIV/AIDS: It Takes A Village.” “Now in existence for over 28 years, BEAT AIDS Coalition Trust continues to expand its programs and services to the community in our aggressive effort to end the spread of HIV/AIDS,” BEAT