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Citing Trump and Taylor, SA Women’s Group Plans ‘March Against Hate’

Citing Trump and Taylor, SA Women’s Group Plans ‘March Against Hate’

Calling out what they say are similarities between President-elect Donald J. Trump and San Antonio Mayor Ivy R. Taylor, Mujeres Marcharan, organizers of the San Antonio International Woman’s Day March, are planning an event on January 21 dubbed, “From Trump to Taylor, SA Women March Against Hate.” The march, which takes place on the day

Bihl Haus Arts Observes LGBT Pride with “Profiling Made Visible”

South Side native Mark Anthony Martinez recalls living in Portland, Oregon, where he was attending Pacific Northwest College of Art after graduating from Brackenridge High School in 2005. He probably never imagined he would experience racial discrimination in this day and age. “It was the first time I actually felt I was a minority, even

On the Chartreuse Couch: Gene Elder Interviews Michelle Friesenhahn

Gene: Michelle, how nice to see you again. You are looking great as always. Thanks for joining me on the Chartreuse Couch, “my own private Alamo.” We have known each other for many years now. I even remember Shocking Gray. And this was before there were 50 shades. Who knew? I do want to talk about all

Caitlyn Jenner: Misguided naysayers and meme-sharing irony

The Ashe Award is given to those “whose contributions transcend sports.” If we can’t see eye to eye on this, then we can’t be friends. I’m sorry. Now, seeing eye to eye doesn’t mean we have to agree. We simply understand each other and recognize and value one another’s opinion, different though they may be.