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Curator David Rubin Reflects on His San Antonio Years

Curator David Rubin Reflects on His San Antonio Years

David Rubin came to San Antonio in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. He had made the decision to leave New Orleans in 2006 with a heavy heart. He had been the curator of visual arts at Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) since 2000, and still thinks of this tenure as his favorite. Rubin refers to the

Luminaria Returns with ‘Take Two’ Programming

The torrential storms last October may have put a damper on the 2015 incarnation of Luminaria, but they weren’t enough to keep the two-day art festival’s commissioned pieces and performances under wraps for too long. Four months later, Luminaria Take Two returns to light up San Antonio’s River North neighborhood with multimedia celebrations at the San Antonio Museum

The Witty World of Franco Mondini-Ruiz

A Quick Biographical Rundown Franco Mondini-Ruiz was born in 1961. He grew up in conservative, white Boerne, Texas. His father is a rakish and artistic immigrant from Italy who grew up during the Mussolini regime. His mother is Mexican-American and the daughter of a severe Spaniard, and she occasionally posed for Franco’s father’s paintings. Franco