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Syphilis and HIV Rates Remain High Among SA’s Gay and Bi Men

Syphilis and HIV Rates Remain High Among SA’s Gay and Bi Men

The incidence of syphilis and HIV has increased over the past three years among San Antonio’s gay and bisexual men according to data provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The rate of syphilis and HIV among men who have sex with men (MSM) increased in Bexar County from 2014 to 2015, the

SA’s Homeless LGBTQ Youth Find a Safe Space to Become Themselves

Originally published in the San Antonio Current The mass shooting at an Orlando gay club this month killed 49 people, wounded at least 50 others, and, in the minds of many within the LGBTQ community, violated a sacred space. In his comments following the tragedy, President Barack Obama called the Pulse nightclub, the site of

Challenging Transphobia Within Queer Spaces

Originally published in the San Antonio Current When I was asked to attend a friend’s queer-friendly Studio 54-themed party last year, I hit up my favorite thrift stores as soon as I could to find the perfect Bianca Jagger-inspired ensemble. The night of the party came, my look was red hot, and I spent the

High Rate of STI’s Among Gay and Bi Men in SA

The rate of sexually transmitted infections remains high among gay and bisexual men in Bexar County according to statistics provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The numbers reflect that with a rate of 46 percent, gay and bisexual men in Bexar County represent almost half of all new cases of syphilis in

Most Influential 2015: Dawn Lafreeda and Lupita Corbeil

Dawn Lafreeda, CEO of Den-Tex Central Inc., started her business career as a Denny’s waitress without a college education. Now the owner of 75 Denny’s locations, her hard work has paid off. She cites her humble beginnings as part of her inspiration for giving back. “Coming from nothing, I understand how hard it is to

My kid came out to me…and now to you

I talk about my children quite often in my writing and my speaking engagements. But I only talk about what they are comfortable with me saying, and at the level they are comfortable with. They tend to be pretty open, but this particular bit of information isn’t something I have shared in the past. Why

Boylesque legend Tigger! is stripping to change the world

“It makes sense that you want to hear from all genders. There are more than two.” Tigger!, the 50-year-old burlesque godfather who’s making his Texas debut as tonight’s headliner for the 4th Annual San Antonio Burlesque Festival, has always been wary of confining himself to gay audiences, so his crowds have often been a mixed bag.

A conversation with poet Richard Blanco

“We forget that to be an intelligent, thriving human being means to pull from all sources of information, knowledge, and understanding.” Richard Blanco received our democratic society’s version of literary knighthood in 2013 when President Barack Obama chose him as the nation’s fifth inaugural poet. He is the first Latino, the first openly gay man,

A favorite daughter and a forsaken son reconnect on the road from El Paso

The moral of this story, apparently, is when you’re la consentida, you can bring transgender friends home. Despite the fact that we were both born through a family with a deep history of homophobia, it still comes as a surprise to me how much more my half-sister Olga and I have in common. I’m the