Bianchi shops the Madewell La Cantera opening

Brushed pullover from Madewell

First order of business to discuss regarding the Madewell La Cantera grand-opening party : EVERYTHING WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!

Second order of business: You don’t get to see any of the beautiful pictures I took because a very nice lady informed me that “The Man”–aka Madewell’s corporate office–doesn’t dig on surprise press visits. So apologies, but you are just going to have to read my eloquent prose and take my word for it that you definitely need to pop in for a visit.

Pop in with a few hundred dollars, mind you, because you will want to walk out with more than one of their chic yet casually cool little numbers. I am not quite sure if it was the expert merchandising or if everything was really that great, but I had to wipe drool off of my chin several times. If I were the kind of person to get embarrassed about anything, this would have been it.

Leather and suede ankle booties placed delicately around the choice autumn flannel selection were given a wow factor by gold necklaces with jewel-toned embellishments. Cute little stripy socks hung from fishing line in a display case above the guests’ heads–an adorable touch repeated in different forms around the store.

The color palette was rich and perfect: burgundy, emerald green, midnight, eggshell, and caramel perfection all around me as I gazed farther into the store. I was also impressed with their denim selection: indigo in dark yet fresh shades sure to flatter every figure and skin tone.

I tried on a few things, including a black-and-white striped crop top that fit like a glove, and the coziest of cozy cream-colored sweaters. I think my favorite thing about Madewell is that the pieces are … well made. Sorry. They fit perfectly and are this interesting balance of classic-cool and downtown vixen, taking the wearer from errands to a lunch date to drinks with the girls with little to no downtime.

I will most definitely make my way out to 1604 with a wad of cash in the near future, and I suggest you do, too, before the word gets out and fashionistas wipe the store clean.


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