Trans Performer and Activist Aamori Olujimi Channels Iconic Divas Throughout History

Aamori as Iman Gold neck rings and head piece: Leighton W. Gold dual plate and earrings: Daniel Espinosa.

Aamori as Donna Summer Dress, necklace and earrings: Leighton W.

Aamori as Josephine Baker Wooden beads and clay necklace: Montage Vintage. Gold dome bracelets, necklace and earrings: Daniel Espinosa. Banana skirt and arm bands: Leighton W.

Aamori as Pam Grier Gold hoops and ring: Daniel Espinosa. Vintage silk top: Goodwill.
Jeans: True Religion. Belt: Hugo Boss. Eyewear: Cole Haan.

Aamori as RuPaul Gold sphere ring and mesh necklace: Daniel Espinosa. Eyewear: Hashtag Sunglasses. Coat: Leighton W.

Photography: Marc Arevalo. Hair, wigs, makeup and wardrobe styling: Leighton W.
Styling assistant: Shelby Guevara. Hair assistant: Kay Lewis.


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