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Leighton W. Couture softens up with ‘Je Suis Une Femme’

Leighton W. Couture softens up with ‘Je Suis Une Femme’

“I figure my way to maintain our family’s history and legacy  is to do what I do.” After living in Los Angeles and New York and working as a model, ballet dancer and hair stylist, San Angelo native Leighton Whittington found his calling as a fashion designer. Presented to the public in September of 2014

Adam’s Top 10 Rules for a Happy Life

Greetings, Friends. Welcome to Out In SA! So good of you to click on me! As you already know from reading our mag and website, we here at Out In SA have our fingers on the pulse, such as it is, of the GLBT community in San Antonio. Amongst the many resources we plan to

SA Street Style: Mignon Harkrader

Who: Mignon Harkrader, owner of Tas De Gueux, a vintage pop up at Brick Marketplace. Where: Brick marketplace at Blue Star Wearing: Theory blazer, Buffalo Exchange; white button down, Uniqlo; jeans, Burberry, Saks; tennis shoes, Keds; bag, DKNY Style tip: Color codes her outfits for every day of the week, (i.e. Monday all black, Tuesday

Business spotlight: Shag the Salon

Are you hip to the Shag? Then shimmy on down to McCullough to find the mod-est spot San Antonio’s got to offer. The lime green yellow dotted building houses some of the Alamo City’s most daring stylists; trust your tresses to Shag the Salon because “good hair doesn’t happen by itself.” Stylists and co-owners David

SAFW 2014: A mixed MODA: Next

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times at the MODA: Next fashion showcase this past Tuesday night, part of the second annual San Antonio Fashion Week 2014. The packed house made it through the monsoon weather to see five of our cities most promising designers. Now, I have a great

Bianchi shops the Madewell La Cantera opening

First order of business to discuss regarding the Madewell La Cantera grand-opening party : EVERYTHING WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! Second order of business: You don’t get to see any of the beautiful pictures I took because a very nice lady informed me that “The Man”–aka Madewell’s corporate office–doesn’t dig on surprise press visits. So apologies, but