Commentary: Is the Rainbow Crosswalk Worth the $30,000 Price Tag?

(Photo: Sam Sanchez)

Can we talk about the rainbow crosswalk now, please, and the $30,000 raised to paint it?

I know with all my heart how joyous it was for those young, pride-inspired community minded artists who did all that work to get permission to brighten up our day with a rainbow. And the Express-News was all supportive and everything, along with the city council. Oh what fun!

However, I must protest that this kind of money not be spent on such a thing again and wiser minds be put into play when it comes to public art.

Since those who wanted this did not foresee that this has now become just a dirty joke in the street. It is dingy and walked on and driven on and now is a symbol of disrespect.

One could interpret this as showing ourselves the same disrespect that we have taken years to overcome.

So, I would like to suggest that we have a better plan in the future. And I invite others to comment on this matter.

Gene Elder is a regular contributor to Out In SA and the archivist at the Happy Foundation, San Antonio’s nonprofit LGBTQ archives. Elder welcomes feedback from readers regarding this commentary. He can be contacted via email at: [email protected].


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