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Moonlight Illuminates a More Diverse Oscars Season

Moonlight Illuminates a More Diverse Oscars Season

Hollywood embraced diversity with its 2017 Oscar nominations that included actors of color in all the acting categories — a marked difference from last year’s #oscarssowhite controversy. Academy voters gave most of its kudos (14 nominations) to La La Land, a musical that echoes self-referential Hollywood films like All About Eve, Sunset Boulevard and The

Deep in Vogue: House of Kenzo’s Multidisciplinary Movement

I meet House of Kenzo (HOK) on the University of the Incarnate Word Sky Bridge, a phobia-tweaking pedestrian catwalk over the zooming traffic on Highway 281. It’s a sunny afternoon, and House of Kenzo are mid-photo shoot. They are beautiful, self-assured, gender-flouting, working their rainbow fashion gear into wind-whipped battle flags visible for a half-mile.