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Van de Putte best choice for transgender community

Van de Putte best choice for transgender community

In recent weeks I have attended events for the three major mayoral candidates for this spring’s city elections: former State Rep. Mike Villarreal, former State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, and former County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson. Even though I had spoken with Mike Villarreal as recently as the HRC banquet in November, when I went

Business spotlight: Texas Public Radio

If you scanned the San Antonio radio waves during the ’80s in search of prime public programming, you’d be out of luck. In fact, San Antonio was one of the last sizeable cities in the country where listeners couldn’t get public radio. From this, Texas Public Radio emerged. Now, you can “hear yourself think” in South

What to watch (out) for at the 84th Texas Legislature

The 84th session of the Texas Legislature convenes, for better or (probably) worse, in January and as Out In SA went to press in mid November, this session’s pre-filed bills were already making news, locally and nationally. Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) kicked off the pre-file period with SJR 10, the Restoring Religious Freedom Amendment.