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Dear Intimacy Doctor — When Is It OK To Cheat?

Dear Intimacy Doctor — When Is It OK To Cheat?

Dear Intimacy Doctor: My beloved wife had a debilitating stroke a decade ago. It left her more like a child that needs to be cared for, and that is what I do. But I’m awfully lonely and I miss the physical companionship of sex like a physical pain. Is cheating on her really cheating at


Dear Intimacy Doctor: So, have you figured out a way to tell someone they’re rubbish in bed … meanwhile the other halves of the couples are banging like a house on fire? #swingerprobs (This is the point where the Intimacy Doctor strokes her imaginary Freudian beard and says “tell me more.”) His problem seems to

Perving in the Age of the Digital Footprint

My friend Harley* recently moved from the West Coast to the deep, deep South. And he called me because he was having a serious problem. You see, Harley is: Clearly not White. Clearly not Christian. On the upper end of the freak scale, sexually A federal employee. This move (concomitant with a nice federal promotion)