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Group buys billboards in San Antonio, other Texas cities to fight governor’s anti-trans order

Group buys billboards in San Antonio, other Texas cities to fight governor’s anti-trans order

The billboards purchased by the Trevor Project will educate the public about life-saving crisis services while spelling out the importance of gender-affirming care. LGBTQ+ advocacy group the Trevor Project has purchased 120 digital billboard ads in Texas’ biggest cities to push back against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent order targeting families of transgender children. The

How Texas Republicans moved beyond a bathroom bill to successfully ban transgender athletes from school sports

In 2017, conservative lawmakers failed to pass legislation targeting transgender Texans. Things were different this year. By Allyson Waller, The Texas Tribune For state Rep. Celia Israel, the priority issues for the Legislature this year seemed quite obvious as the legislative session got underway in January. She expected lawmakers to grapple over the state’s response

Texas GOP’s bills targeting transgender children have exacted a mental health toll, even if they don’t become law

As the clock ticks on this year’s legislative session, the House scheduled a Tuesday floor debate for a bill that would limit transgender children’s sports team participation. Other GOP bills that would restrict or punish transition-related health care, like puberty blockers, missed a key Sunday deadline to advance. By Megan Munce, The Texas Tribune Houston

Texas Republicans want to keep transgender women out of women’s school sports teams

Lawmakers have filed legislation that would ban transgender girls and women who attend public K-12 schools, colleges and universities from playing on single-sex sports teams designated for girls and women. By Kate McGee and Aliyya Swaby, Texas Tribune Texas Republicans are again trying to limit the ways transgender youth can participate in athletics. Lawmakers have