The Carver presents Arte y Pasión’s “Colores”

Arte y Pasión is performing at the Carver Center on April 9 & 10. (Photo: Arte y Pasion / Facebook)

They are known for an interdisciplinary approach juxtaposing flamenco with modern dance and visual art, but the provocative group Arte y Pasión  have yet another factor which often goes unrecognized: For the past several years, artistic director Tamara Adira has been recruiting some of the best talent from around the country to join in the ranks of the local dancers and musicians which make up the group. For this latest offering, expect to see the San Francisco based flamenco dancer Melissa Cruz and flamenco vocalist Jose Cortes. Together, the cast of locals and special guests follow Adira’s lead in an exploration of raw emotion and esoteric subject matter. “When I hear music play, I can actually see it in my head,” said Adira during preparations for last year’s Algoritmos. “I can see the colors of it, and the shape of it — and that’s how I express my choreography.” Presented as part of the Carver’s 2015-2016 performance season, “Colores” marks a milestone for the group which has been growing its following since 2009.

Tickets available at Ticketmaster

$24, April 9, 8 pm and April 10, 4 pm, Jo Long Theatre, 226 N Hackberry, (800) 653 800,




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