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Dear Intimacy Doctor — Am I A Dick?

Dear Intimacy Doctor — Am I A Dick?

Dear Intimacy Doctor: Simple question. I find myself incredibly attracted to this person, except physically. My body isn’t perfect by any means and I wouldn’t want someone discounting me because of physical attraction. But I can’t get myself turned on by this person. Am I a dick? Dear Dick Face: Simple answer first. Yes. You

Talking about the bi bias

Greedy. Annoying. Selfish. Undecided. Gluttonous. Confused. Complex. Mysterious. Just a phase. HOT. OK if it’s girls. Lucky. Sluts. Purgatory. Evolved. Devolved. Playing with a full deck. Beer Bi. Negotiable. Rare. Unicorn. No! Heteroflexible. Swinger. Threesomes! Liars. Just experimenting. No man’s land. More options. Ugh, really? Narnia. Flirts. Nonexistent. Fluid. Too many fluids. Unfortunate. Unlimited. Why