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Bianchi shops the Sporting District

Bianchi shops the Sporting District

Not going to lie, I have been abnormally excited about checking out the Sporting District ever since I heard of the store coming to fruition in the Pearl Brewery complex. Abnormal for me because I am usually excited by men taking clothes off as opposed to wearing them. Is this what adulthood is? Hope not.

Bianchi shops the Madewell La Cantera opening

First order of business to discuss regarding the Madewell La Cantera grand-opening party : EVERYTHING WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! Second order of business: You don’t get to see any of the beautiful pictures I took because a very nice lady informed me that “The Man”–aka Madewell’s corporate office–doesn’t dig on surprise press visits. So apologies, but

Alexander Wang x H&M preview

Hold on to your titties, kitties, because Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M is about to drop and wipe that bored look right off your little faces. The collection–out November 6–is a dark, sporty chic look you could easily transition from Zumba to the Heat. The complete look book was released today and it seems to

Fashion “Salvation” found in feminine muscle

As soon as I walked backstage for a sneak peek of Leighton Whittington’s debut fashion line, “Salvation” for Leighton W. Couture, I knew he would quickly become a designer to watch. The all-black color palette oozed an expensive “tough babe” vibe, while the juxtaposing flowing fabrics lent themselves to hyper-feminine movement. A strong religious overtone