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Fiesta Cornyation Names Charlie Biedenharn as King Anchovy LIII

Fiesta Cornyation Names Charlie Biedenharn as King Anchovy LIII

In a January 19 announcement, the board of directors of Fiesta Cornyation named Charlie Biedenharn as this year’s King Anchovy LIII. Ray Chavez, the reining coordinator of Cornyation, introduced Biedenharn during a soiree at the home of last year’s King Anchovy LII Jeffrey James. Biedenharn is co-owner, with Anne Ng and Jeremy Mandrell, of the

Allies United: Thank You for Being a Friend

Updated October 12, 2017. In our efforts to champion each aspect of the ever-broadening LGBTQIA* umbrella, we’ve trained our focus on the letter “A.” Since the LGBTQIA* acronym has expanded and shifted over decades (and was not created by one sole entity), it’s important to note that different letters mean different things to different people:

Allies United: Jody Bailey Newman & Steve Newman

Jody Bailey Newman & Steve Newman “When Jesse Mata asked us to talk to Elaine [Wolff] and Ray [Chavez] about Cornyation 2014, I was sure they were going to ask Steve to be King Anchovy,” says Jody Bailey Newman — and they did. “But then there was one more question: ‘Will you be Queen Anchovy?’

SA Small Businesses Join Effort Against LGBT Discrimination

Members of San Antonio’s small business community were on hand on October 25 for a press conference at the Havana Hotel where Equality Texas released a letter signed by over 200 small businesses from across the state voicing their opposition to any legislation which would legalize discrimination against LGBT Texans or visitors to Texas. Present