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Rainbow Crosswalk Pilot Program Could Lead to “Artistic” Crosswalks in Other Parts of City

Rainbow Crosswalk Pilot Program Could Lead to “Artistic” Crosswalks in Other Parts of City

The rainbow crosswalk that was installed last June at the corner of Evergreen and North Main may serve as a model for “artistic” crosswalks in other parts of the city under a proposed Community Crosswalks Program, according to the Department of Transportation & Capital Improvements (TCI). The rainbow crosswalk was originally installed as part of

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Advances Bills by Two Anti-LGBT Senators

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has advanced two bills in the Senate that would allow professionals who provide health and counseling services to discriminate based on their “sincerely held religious beliefs.” The first bill, SB 444, which was introduced by Sen. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock), applies to anyone holding or applying for a professional license. The

Cornyation’s ‘Cheap and Raunchy Romans’ Prepare for King’s Coming Out Party

The folks at Fiesta Cornyation are busy preparing to officially introduce this year’s King Anchovy LIV, Mindy Miller Hill, at a February 22 soiree themed “Cheap and Raunchy Romans.” While the King’s Coming Out Party is the first official appearance by King Anchovy, Hill’s name was leaked last October during the 80th birthday party for

New Poll Shows Majority of Texans Support LGBT Protections

A new poll released on January 30 shows that a majority of Texans support laws which would protect LGBT citizens from discrimination in employment, public accommodations and housing. The poll, released by the Public Religion Research Institute, reveals that support for LGBT Texans is bipartisan and endorsed by many religious organizations including white evangelicals. Researchers