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Three Iconic Divas Coming to SA this Summer

Three Iconic Divas Coming to SA this Summer

Three iconic divas are making their way to the Alamo City this summer. Patti LaBelle – Live To a younger generation Patti LaBelle is known for selling her sweet potato pies at Walmart but for those who can remember the 70s, Ms. Patti is also the undisputed “Godmother of Soul.” She began her career as

‘Motown the Musical’ Set to Dazzle at the Majestic

Motown the Musical tells the story of Berry Gordy and the founding of Motown Records, his wildly successful independent record label that forever changed the landscape of popular music. The year is 1983 and Gordy is reflecting on a career of highs and lows while contemplating whether to attend the 25th anniversary celebration of Motown Records. Flashback three decades earlier and a young