As State Legislature convenes, Equality Texas warns of bills targeting trans youth

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The Texas Legislature convened for its 2021 session on January 12 and already Republican politicians, Representative Steve Toth and Senator Charles Perry, are targeting transgender youth with bills which Equality Texas says will put these young people “under a harmful spotlight.”

In an email to its members, Equality Texas described the two proposed bills.

“Toth’s bill, HB 68, would ban transgender youth from accessing affirming, best practice healthcare by reclassifying it as child abuse. For transgender youth who are insistent, consistent, and persistent about their gender identity, parents, guardians and medical experts work together to provide age-appropriate care. This is a thoughtful and lengthy process that is personal and private to each family. Classifying best practice medical care as child abuse sets a dangerous precedent for all Texans by allowing non-expert lawmakers to criminalize care that is live-saving and consistent with prevailing medical standards.”

“Perry’s bill, SB 373, would require K-12 youth to participate in sports according to the gender on their birth certificate, essentially banning transgender youth from participating in line with their gender identity. Attacking trans youths’ access to sports — a tactic that, like debating bathrooms, has no basis in real-world facts — is another attempt to isolate vulnerable trans kids, barring them from the friendship, education, teamwork, and health benefits of playing a sport.”

Equality Texas is asking the community to contact legislators and help mobilize the community. The organization has provided this link for citizens interested in helping defeat these two bills.

“We’ll walk you through every step of the way. Together we can stop these bills in their tracks and create a Texas with full and lived equality for all of us,” Equality Texas writes in its message.


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