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Young SA Designers Introduce Inclusive Video Game at PAX South

Young SA Designers Introduce Inclusive Video Game at PAX South

A group of 14-to-18-year-old designers from San Antonio have created a role-playing video game whose superhuman characters represent people of all body types, gender identities and sexual orientations. The game, Date Me Super Senpai, which will be showcased this weekend at the PAX South conference in San Antonio, was created by 12 high school students

Straus Warns of Economic Consequences if Bathroom Bill Passes

Addressing the Texas Association of Business conference on January 18, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus said lawmakers should consider the economic consequences to the state if a proposed bathroom bill (SB6) is passed by the legislature. “There’s been a lot of work put into our state’s economic success. We want to continue that success, and

This Week’s Biggest Asshats in the ‘Bathroom’ Debate

As the debate over which public bathroom transgender people should be allowed to use continues, one thing has become increasingly clear: The people arguing against such rights have little to zero knowledge of what it means to be transgender. From politicians to television sports analysts, many have weighed in with poorly informed opinions. Here’s a roundup