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Full-body stretches for home and office

Full-body stretches for home and office

No fancy equipment or gym necessary—just you and a wall. Inhale like you are smelling something wonderful. Feel how your lungs are expanding. Continue to inhale until you cannot inhale anymore. The exhale through the mouth will naturally arrive. Imagine your mouth as a window and the exhale as a breeze escaping through the window

Mutable, Changeable

It is a choice to identify yourself by what you can do rather than by what you cannot do. There was absolutely nothing that could have prepared me for the act of giving birth to my daughter. Regardless of the time spent constantly reading information about pregnancy, continuing my exercise through dancing, attending baby showers,

Living practice, Practice living

” … practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired.” “Squeeze your legs together like Gertrude and Alice!” exclaimed dance Professor Montoya, with a glimmer in his eye, laughing at his own clever innuendo. We were all clueless freshmen at SMU in that Martha Graham dance class, glancing at each other in our peripheral

How to become a “thinking body”

Lying in our bed–at the time a very tired yet dutiful air mattress–I was relaxed, a heavy type of lazy, flipping channels. I’m not even much of a TV-watcher, but I indulged myself, realizing that cruising the channels could temporarily replace my dirty, secret addiction of slowing my mind by filing it with gossip columns