Jump Start Performance Co. Challenges Artists With 8 x 8 Series

Photo: Jump-Start

Good things come in small packages. At least that’s the idea behind Jump Start’s upcoming performance series 8 x 8 Cabaret Du Jump being held this weekend.

After lead artist Chuck Squier asked company member Sheila Currie to construct a performance cube out of 8-foot pipes, the challenge to the local  artistic community was to give a performance not only inspired by the 8 x 8 space but also contained within.

Each evening the series features a different line up of musicians, dancers, and performance artists where anything goes as long as it happens within the 8 x 8 space and lasts a total of 8 minutes.

Performers include Kitty Williams, David Rodriguez, Fabiola Torralba, Paul Harford, Pamela Dean Kenny, Stephan Gaeth, Lisa Suarez, Rudi Harst, Marisela Barrera, Erik Bosse, Tamara Adira, Gareth and Sheila Currie, Billy Munoz, Zombie Bazaar, Jenny Salinas, Darian Thomas, Mellissa Marlowe, William Ruppel, Laurie Dietrich, Edison Drama students, Daniel Jackson and Greg Scott Cruz, Alisa Claridy, Chuck Squier, Lilla Bernal, Mark Orta, Kim Corbin, Amanda Silva, Fa Winsborough, Michi Fink.

$8, Fri and Sat, April 1,  April 2, 8 pm, Jump Start Performance Co., 710 Fredricksburg Rd, (210) 227-5867, www.jump-start.org


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