Phantom Room offers new spot for ladies to come out

Photo by Kelsey Valadez

“We’re letting people know that SA is queer-friendly.”

Lady-loving ladies and queer folk have a new bar option Thursday nights. Phantom Room opened this April, and is open every night of the week except Monday. Thursdays, however, are reserved for the aptly named Cock Block: a dedicated lesbian and queer night (though all are welcome.)

Cock Block sometimes features touring bands (with an emphasis on queer acts,) guests DJs, and the occasional burlesque or drag-king show. SA can expect to see live acts at least twice a month on Thursday nights, according to Phanie Diaz, who helps with booking when she’s not drumming for Fea and Girl in a Coma. Otherwise, Cock Block is host to several rotating local queer DJs who play everything from old school hip hop to cumbia.

Phantom Room bartender Chris Earhart making a La Llorona. Photo by Kelsey Valadez.

Phantom Room bartender Chris Earhart making a La Llorona. Photo by Kelsey Valadez.

Phantom carries two rooms and a patio. The music in the front room is completely separate from the back room, so, whether it’s a live act or a DJ, the music doesn’t feed into the other areas. When live acts perform, they play in the spacious back room, while DJs keep people dancing in the front room. Other Thursdays, DJs rotate in both rooms.

Cock Block has been a hit since its opening night, and has continued to pick up traction. Diaz says that they’ve received positive responses from Cock Block attendees, and that women thank them for coordinating a night specified for lesbians. “We’re letting people know that SA is queer-friendly,” says Diaz, “Women dominate the night.”

Thursday nights allow gay ladies to feel safe, so Diaz says Phantom’s goal is to stay consistent: continuing to provide a safe space, queer DJs and musical acts, and a fun place for all audiences.

Bartender Monica Moreno says the best part is being comfortable in your own skin, and that Cock Block brings out a very diverse crowd. Weekly patron Melody Cavazos says, “bartenders are cool here. It’s a comfortable space.” Her friend Lindsey Salazar says that the music selection is great, but her favorite part is kind of personal: “Now I get to be wingwoman for my lesbian friends. It’s usually the other way around.”

Photo by Kelsey Valadez.

Photo by Kelsey Valadez.

Amanda De La O is a regular DJ for Cock Block, and is wrapping up the night with Selena. “The best part,” says De La O, “is that girls now have somewhere to go on Thursdays.”

2114 N St Mary’s

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