Pride Center SA is Looking to Hire a Community Empowerment Coordinator

Pride Center San Antonio's new home is located in an office building on the 300 block of Ogden Street at the east end of Crockett Park. (Photo via Google Maps)

Pride Center San Antonio announced this week it is looking to hire a community empowerment coordinator who will help organize programming, services and outreach to the LGBT community.

According to Pride Center’s announcement, the position will be “responsible for supporting Pride Center objectives by coordinating community involvement and service-learning events and projects; acting as a liaison between staff, volunteers, board members, and the larger community.”

The position is part-time with a 15-hour work week and a $15 per hour salary which is being funded by a one-year grant.

The new job announcement marks another step in the growth of the Pride Center which was founded in 2012 “to establish the center as a clearinghouse that would work in alliance, rather than in competition, with existing programs and services within our community.”

This spring, the Center moved into it’s new headquarters on the 300 block of Ogden Street. “In these uncertain times, the opening of a safe space in San Antonio was long overdue,” Robert Salcido, Pride Center’s board president told Out In SA earlier this year. “As the seventh largest city, not having a walk-in facility was no longer an option. It was this that drove the leadership team to build and strengthen relationships across the city over the last couple of years.”

The new empowerment community coordinator adds a crucial staff position at time when the Center is positioned to accomodate new programs and increase its volunteer staff.

Complete information for this job can be obtained at this link. Interested job seekers can send a resume and cover letter expressing interest, experience and qualifications via email to:

The Center – Pride Center San Antonio
Attn: Robert Salcido, Jr.
[email protected]
Subject Line: Community Empowerment Coordinator


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