Pride San Antonio’s QFest to Screen Over 80 Films From Around the Globe

Maas Bronkhuyzen and Joes Brauers in "Something About Alex." (Courtesy photos)

Organizers of Pride San Antonio’s fifth annual QFest LGBT International Film Festival have released the list of films to be screened at this year’s festival, which runs from October 12 through October 15 at Brooks City Base Cinema.

This year’s entries include international features and short subjects which run the gamut of genres, from documentaries to dramas and romantic comedies. A total of 85 films will be screened.

The schedule of individual QFest screenings, guest appearances by filmmakers and trailers for many of the films, are being posted on the Pride San Antonio Facebook page. At press time, only the schedule for Friday, October 12 had been announced. Additional days will be posted later this week.

Films will be shown in three blocks, one block each day. Each block includes one or two feature films and several short features. Tickets can be purchased for individual blocks or attendees can purchase a VIP pass that is good for all three days.

Below is a partial list of films to be screened at the festival.

45 Days Away From You (Feature)
Rafael, a Brazilian gay guy in his 20s, waits 45 days for a love that never returns. Brokenhearted, he goes into self exile, seeking refuge with three friends who, for different reasons, decided to live in exile as well: Julia in England, Fabio in Portugal and Mayara in Argentina.

Adonis Blue (Short)
A young boy learns to dance as a means of escaping his authoritarian father.

Jason T. Gaffney in “Analysis Paralysis”

Analysis Paralysis (Feature)
An LGBTQ romantic comedy about the intersection of imagination and anxiety, and the courage to reach for love.

A Stranger To Myself
A young guy hopes to fill his inner emptiness by having sex with strangers.

Becoming Leelah (Short)
A closeted gender norm breaking teenager, who is in love with her secret girlfriend, leaves Delhi and her ever present authoritative mother to go to university halfway across the world in Toronto, where her quest for freedom is confronted by the realities of her new world and her place in it.

Boxing Day
A father comes to terms with his daughter being gay.

Steve Hale and Kiefer Slaton in “Bully”

Bully (Feature)
A dramatic musical about Sam Bradley, a 14-year-old boy who commits suicide after being repeatedly bullied in school. The story follows Sam in the days leading up to his death, and the lives of those around him following his suicide.

“Call Me Sis”

Call Me Sis (Feature)
After abruptly leaving a disastrous anniversary evening arranged by her thoughtless husband, Mi-ae meets the shy and kind Soo-nim, her youngest son’s schoolmate. Choosing to spend a long evening with Soo-nim rather than return home to the male members of her family, Mi-ae finds herself irresistibly drawn to this gentle young woman.

Cas (Feature)
In the comedy-drama Cas, Pepijn and Sjors’ steady, seven-year relationship is shaken up after they allow a young student named Cas to sleep on their couch until he finds a place of his own. Gradually, both men fall head over heels for Cas’ laconic charm and it forces them to reconsider their many long-term plans. Is Cas’ presence endangering their relationship or is he actually a blessing in disguise?

Change In The Family
When Zo transitions from female to male, his family must also change. This film takes a unique look at the current paradigm shift of transgender individuals being accepted more largely in society from the perspective of one family.

Conway Pride (Short)
The small Arkansas town of Conway has had an annual LGBT Pride Parade since 2004. Its 2017 edition is threatened when the founders and local activists, John and Robert, both pass away. The adopted children of the couple band together to save a local institution and honor their gay dads.

Dasha and Dayea (Short)
Two exchange students studying together in Japan from Russia and the Philippines explore what comes next in life.

“The Dove Never Breaks It’s Promise”

The Dove Never Breaks Its Promise (Short)
An HIV-infected man with a suicidal inclination contemplates taking his life, as well as the life of his ex-lover. He also looks back upon his father’s wish for him to die after he disowned him years ago upon knowing that he’s gay.

Evoke (short)
The evolution of Hailey and Emma’s relationship is explored through their collective memories as the girls retrace their times together. After their relationship ends, Hailey goes to a desperate length to be with Emma again.

First Love
Jae-Won in his 20s, Mr. Oh in his 50s, and three married women are members of a writer’s society where they talk about sexual relationships.

Foreign Lovers (Short)
A lonely New Yorker serendipitously meets a mysterious foreigner and sparks ignite. A meditation on love and life in the digital age.

Katie Folger and Julia Aks in “Foxy Trot

Foxy Trot (Short)
A lesbian couple unexpectedly face relationship issues when they take ballroom dance lessons in a very heteronormative class.

Getting Started (Short)
After meeting online, Tori and Joy finally have their first date. Chemistry ensues immediately, but will their mutual attraction be enough to overcome some of the challenges presented?

I Am… (Short)
A personal exposition on what it means to be ‘out’ in America.

Interested In (Short)
A web series about the coming of age of a recently out college student. We follow his journey through gay hook up culture in Philadelphia as he begins to find himself after “the closet.”

“The Jealous Sea”

The Jealous Sea (Short)
The boyfriend of a handsome photographer tries to deal with his jealousy after finding nude photos he took of a gorgeous model.

Latent (Short)
Latent uses the premise of a new drug that makes it possible to change one’s sexual orientation to satirize the straight white male archetype and expose his resistance to

Latter-Day Glory (Feature)
Two gay ex-Mormon missionaries travel across the United States to confront their past and explore their futures while discussing with other gay Mormons the rejection, oppression and the reality of a growing number of LGBT suicides within the Latter Day Saints community.

Leelah Alcorn

Leelah’s Highway (Short)
A documentary about Leelah Alcorn, a 17-year-old transgender girl isolated by her parents in their basement and forced to go through six months of conversion therapy. Leelah took her life on the highway near her home in Kings Mills, Ohio.

Masquerade, A Story of the Old South (Short)
In 1848 Virginia, slave couple, Sam and Ninny. escape after their master George makes an unconscionable advance.The story captures the experience of both African Americans and gay people during this complicated time.

Monument of Pride (Feature)
A documentary tribute to the 30 year old Homomonument in Amsterdam and to everyone who has fought for freedom we now often take for granted.

Mother’s Balls (Feature)
Mother’s Balls portrays Amber Vineyard, born in the United States and now living in Amsterdam, founder of the first Dutch ballroom, House of Vineyard.

Off Broom (Short)
Rein is the transgender keeper of a quidditch team preparing to attend the European Games in Italy. In the build-up to the tournament, it becomes clear that acceptance and recognition are perhaps even more important than winning.

Papercut (Short)
Two closeted actors on their way to their first high profile awards ceremony fight both expectation and each other, as intimacy and insecurity collide in the back seat of a car.

Pink Tiffany (Short)
A young transgender woman, Meghna Lama, has built a successful business and works as an advocate and activist for the LGBTI community in Nepal.

Pride of San Antonio Showband Documentary (Short)
This documentary tells of the 2013 creation of the Pride of San Antonio Showband, the first LGBTQ band in the city of San Antonio, Texas.

The Qween (Short)
For the past five years, Qween Amor has been traveling from city to city in the USA protesting and dancing in the streets. She dances (frequently in the nude) promoting freedom, body-positivity, trans/queer liberation, and peace.

Peter Mark Kendall in “Ruok”

Ruok (Short)
Best friends, Alex and Bryan, have a bitter fight entirely via text message when one of them sleeps with the other’s crush. But, just as things seem to settle, an unexpected development may lead to yet another rift.

Seeing Glory (Short)
A caregiver prepares the perfect meal in this bittersweet story of fine wine, dementia and words of Virginia Woolf.

Silverlake Afternoon (Short)
Michael is 33 and never been with a guy. His first encounter is going to be awkward and also kinda great.

Silver Light (Short)
A man returns to his hometown for the funeral of his male high school sweetheart and has to confront the family who didn’t know their secret and his own feelings of loss and regret.

Some Kind of Wonderful (Feature)
Best friends Sam, Steve and Tony move from Los Angeles to Palm Springs but little do they know it’s a happening booming city with more adventures and chaos than they could imagine.

Something About Alex (Short)
A 14-year-old boy, Alex, develops a close friendship with his older sister’s boyfriend and must confront the depth of his feelings when the couple announces that they will be moving away.

There You Are (Short)
A trans woman must dress like a boy to say goodbye to her dying grandmother in Texas.

The Time Is Already (Short)
The story of a small core group of people who helped defeat a Rhode Island legislative bill to ban conversion therapy.

“Tofu Scramble”

Tofu Scramble (Short)
Fresh out of the closet, a clueless and shy 18-year-old girl navigates her way through queer sex and relationships.

Trophy Boy (Short)
James, a sexy, a youthful sought-after “trophy,” is dumped by his wealthy live-in benefactor. Now he must learn that the real world is not the facade he’s built for himself on social media.

Turn It Around (Short)
When the fifteen year old Bram meets Florian at a house party, he immediately falls for him. There’s only one problem: nobody knows Bram is gay.

Unicorn (Short)
A single father deals with the balance of raising his daughter and navigating his newly out gay dating life.


Uniform (Short)
Parents are at odds with what to do when their 6-year old son is sent home from school for wearing a dress.

A young mom questions her choices and identity while raising her daughter on a farm.

San Antonio QFest – LGBT International Film Festival, October 12 – 14 at Brooks City Base Cinema, 2623 Southeast Military Drive. Tickets: VIP $40. Single Day Admission $20. Screenings begin at 6 p.m. on Oct. 12, 11 a.m. on Oct. 13 and 12 p.m. on Oct. 14. Tickets can be purchased through Oct. 13 at this link and at the theater box office on the days of the event.


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