Stonewall Democrats announce endorsements for March primary election

Beto O'Rourke was endorsed by Stonewall Democrats for Governor of Texas. (Photo: Facebook / Beto O'Rourke)

The Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio have released their list of over 70 endorsements for the Democratic primary election slated for March 1. The primary roster of candidates is extensive and includes races for state, federal and county seats.

On Sunday, January 16, Stonewall held an online forum where candidates were invited to participate. To be eligible to speak at the forum all candidates were required to complete and submit a questionnaire. The forum began at 11 a.m. and lasted well into the late afternoon.

According to the Stonewall website, “over 100 candidates and proxies were introduced and explained their priorities and vision for San Antonio. Each candidate was afforded the opportunity to answer questions from attending members of SDSA. After all candidates spoke, the candidates and guests were asked to exit the forum. The remaining membership then discussed, debated and voted for endorsement on candidates for all offices.”

In the races for U.S Congress District 35, Commissioner of General Land Office, Texas Representative House District 121 and County Judge a “favorable rating” was given to multiple candidates. Favorable ratings are given when members cannot reach a consensus among candidates considered to be equally qualified for the position they seek.

Incumbent Congressman Joaquin Castro, Congressional District 20 (Photo: Castro for Congress)

Endorsed Candidates Federal

United States Congress, Congressional District 20 – Joaquin Castro
United States Congress, Congressional District 21 – Claudia Andreana Zapata
United States Congress, Congressional District 23 – John Lira
United States Congress, Congressional District 28 – Jessica Cisneros

Endorsed candidate Jessica Cisneros, Congressional District 28. (Photo: Cisneros for Congress)

Endorsed Candidates State

Governor – Beto O’Rourke
Lieutenant Governor – Mike Collier
Attorney General – No Endorsement
Comptroller of Public Accounts – Janet T. Dudding
Commissioner of Agriculture – Susan Hays
Railroad Commissioner 2 – Luke Warford

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3 – Erin A. Nowell
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 5 – Amanda Reichek
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 9 – Julia Maldonado
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5 – Dana Huffman
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6 – Robert Johnson

Member, State Board of Education, District 1 – Laura Marquez
Member, State Board of Education, District 3 – Marisa Perez-Diaz

State Senator District 19 – Roland Gutierrez
State Senator District 25 – Robert Walsh
State Senator District 26 – Jose Menendez

Texas Representative House District 116 – Trey Martinez Fischer
Texas Representative House District 117 – Phillip Cortez
Texas Representative House District 118 – Frank Ramirez
Texas Representative House District 119 – Elizabeth “Liz” Campos
Texas Representative House District 120 – Barbara Gervin Hawkins
Texas Representative House District 122 – Angi Aramburu
Texas Representative House District 123 – Diego Bernal
Texas Representative House District 124 – Josey Garcia
Texas Representative House District 125 – Ray Lopez

Incumbent Judge Rosie Speedlin-Gonzalez, County Court #13 (Photo: Bexar County Courts)

Endorsed Candidates County

Justice 4th Court of Appeals, Place 6 – Irene Rios
Justice,4th Court of Appeals, Place 7 – Rebecca Beckie Palomo

45th Civil District Court – Mary Lou Alvarez
144th Criminal District Court – Michael Mery
150th Civil District Court – Monique Diaz
186th Criminal District Court – Kristina Escalona
187th Criminal District Court – Stephanie R. Boyd
224th Civil District Court – Marisa Flores
225th Civil District Court – Christine Vasquez Hortick
226th Criminal District Court – Velia J. Meza
227th Criminal District Court – Christine Del Prado
285th Criminal District Court – Lisa Uresti-Dasher
288th Civil District Court – Cynthia Marie Chapa
289th Juvenile District Court – Carlos Quezada
290th Criminal District Court – Jennifer Pena
436th Juvenile District Court – William “Cruz” Shaw
437th Criminal District Court – No endorsement

Bexar County District Attorney – Joe Gonzales

County Court #1 – Helen Petry Stowe
County Court #2 – Melissa Saenz
County Court #3 – David J. Rodriguez
County Court #4 – Alfredo Ximenez
County Court #5 – Andrea Arevalos
County Court #6 – Erica Dominguez
County Court #7 – Melanie Lira
County Court #8 – Lauren D. Zamora
County Court #9 – Gloria Saldana
County Court #10 – Cesar Garcia
County Court #11 – Erica Peña
County Court #12 – Yolanda Huff
County Court #13 – Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez
County Court #14 – Carlo Rodriguez Key
County Court #15 – Melissa Vara
County Probate Court #1 – Oscar Kazen
County Probate Court #2 – Veronica Vasquez

Bexar County District Clerk – Christine “Chris” Castillo
Bexar County Clerk – Lucy Adame-Clark

Bexar County Commissioner #2 – Justin Rodriguez
Bexar County Commissioner #3 – Susan Korbel
Bexar County Commissioner #4 – Tommy Calvert

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 1 – Sylvia M. Ruiz
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Place 1 – Paul Talamantez, Jr.
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Place 1 – Michele Garcia

Bexar County Democratic Party Chair – Monica Alcantara

Candidates with Favorable Ratings

In the event no candidate receives 50 percent + 1 majority of votes in a run-off during the endorsement process, candidates may be given a rating of “Favorable.” It is not an endorsement, but the candidate is viewed ‘favorably’ by the Stonewall membership.

United States Congress, Congressional District 35
Favorable rating for Greg Casar & Rebecca Viagran

Commissioner of General Land Office
Favorable rating for Jinny Suh & Michael Lange

Texas Representative House District 121
Favorable rating for Becca Moyer DeFelice & Gabrien Gregory

Bexar County Judge
Favorable rating for Ina Minjarez, Ivalis Meza Gonzalez & Peter Sakai


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