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Leighton W Debuts New Collection Following Paris Launch

Leighton W Debuts New Collection Following Paris Launch

Local fashion designer Leighton Whittington debuted his brand in Paris last spring but remains as proud as ever for the Alamo City to continue serving as his home base. He will premier his next collection, Collection Quatre, at a show at Brick at Blue Star on September 15. Boasting late 70s and early 80s influenced

The World According to Karlos

Karlos Anzoategui’s Closet Is Wide Open When you pass the whitewashed stucco walls, go through the gate on Queen Anne Court, and head into Villa Sol, Karlos Anzoategui’s work-and- life HQ, you leave earthly concerns behind. Like Gloria Swanson’s Sunset Boulevard manse, or, say, the Vatican, you’ve entered a self-contained world where, if the walls

Fashion “Salvation” found in feminine muscle

As soon as I walked backstage for a sneak peek of Leighton Whittington’s debut fashion line, “Salvation” for Leighton W. Couture, I knew he would quickly become a designer to watch. The all-black color palette oozed an expensive “tough babe” vibe, while the juxtaposing flowing fabrics lent themselves to hyper-feminine movement. A strong religious overtone