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My kid came out to me…and now to you

My kid came out to me…and now to you

I talk about my children quite often in my writing and my speaking engagements. But I only talk about what they are comfortable with me saying, and at the level they are comfortable with. They tend to be pretty open, but this particular bit of information isn’t something I have shared in the past. Why

Adam’s Top 10 Rules for a Happy Life

Greetings, Friends. Welcome to Out In SA! So good of you to click on me! As you already know from reading our mag and website, we here at Out In SA have our fingers on the pulse, such as it is, of the GLBT community in San Antonio. Amongst the many resources we plan to

Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni on One Drop of Love

Saturday, January 17 $34.50 ($20 students), 2pm & 8pm Carlos Alvarez Studio Theatre at the Tobin   Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni brings her multimedia, one-woman show One Drop of Love to the Carlos Alvarez Studio Theatre at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts this weekend. Produced by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Cox DiGiovanni, the

Talking about the bi bias

Greedy. Annoying. Selfish. Undecided. Gluttonous. Confused. Complex. Mysterious. Just a phase. HOT. OK if it’s girls. Lucky. Sluts. Purgatory. Evolved. Devolved. Playing with a full deck. Beer Bi. Negotiable. Rare. Unicorn. No! Heteroflexible. Swinger. Threesomes! Liars. Just experimenting. No man’s land. More options. Ugh, really? Narnia. Flirts. Nonexistent. Fluid. Too many fluids. Unfortunate. Unlimited. Why

Go f*ck yourself

“Everyone does it, but no one admits it.” This statement almost always refers to one of two human activities. One is eating Jack in the Box egg rolls at 3 a.m. The other is masturbation. Masturbation is simply the touching of one’s genitals for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Historical records and anthropological studies indicate