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Perfect pitch: Women’s rugby is reborn in SA

Perfect pitch: Women’s rugby is reborn in SA

It’s the only sport with identical rules, an identical ball, and an identical playing field for men and women. Women’s rugby was absent from the San Antonio sporting scene for some time, but now it’s back with fresh faces and is stronger than ever. Sundays at 3 p.m., these ladies meet at Olmos Park to

Where my pitches at …

… and other reasons you’ll love LGBTQ softball Like many kids growing up in the late 20th century, the television seemed like it was always on at my house. But, unlike most kids I imagine, it was not tuned to cartoons or sit-coms. When my dad was not obsessively watching the national news (he was

Tackle a Diablo, go to gay football heaven

The Diablos, San Antonio’s reps in the National Gay Flag Football League, played the first game of their sixth season Sunday, and Out In SA photographer Antonia Padilla brought her camera. Game 2 will be played Sunday, October 5, at Olmos Park Field #1. Follow the schedule here. We promised to mention that official uniforms