Two gay men beaten in The Saint parking lot

Two employees of The Saint were beaten by two other men in the club's parking lot on December 17 in what may be a hate crime. One of the victims had to be hospitalized.

Fox San Antonio is reporting that two employees of The Saint were beaten by strangers in the parking lot of the bar as they left work at 3 a.m. on December 17.

One of the victims had to be hospitalized. The men believe they were targeted because they are gay.

Daniel Ramos told Fox that he and a fellow employee, who does not want to be identified, were leaving work when two men pulled up in a black Chevy Silverado and asked them if they had jumper cables they could borrow.

Ramos says that when his friend went to get the cables, the men attacked them.

“I heard the commotion and went around to try to help, got hit in the face by the second guy,” Ramos explained. “Fortunately, I only got hit once. Nothing as extreme as my friend.”

The friend did not want to be identified, but he told us the attackers yelled gay slurs while they pounded on them. Ramos believes his sexual orientation is the reason behind the beating.

“Maybe because we’re gay. They were obviously straight guys,” Ramos said.

His friend took the worst of the beating.

“My friend was actually beat up pretty bad where he had to be admitted into trauma,” Ramos said.

According to Fox, San Antonio Police have not said if they consider the beatings a hate crime. Out in SA requested a police report but at press time not received a reply from the SAPD.

Last week, the FBI released statistics that showed that 63 percent of hate crimes committed in San Antonio are perpetrated against gays and lesbians.


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