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A View of Reality from a Chartreuse Couch*: Author Toby Johnson

A View of Reality from a Chartreuse Couch*: Author Toby Johnson

“The fact that there are homosexuals, lesbians, bisexual men and women, transsexuals—queer people all—who are proclaiming their presence in society forces everybody to rethink what sex and gender is about.”   Gene: So, Toby, we finally get you on the Chartreuse Couch. There are many topics that I want to inquire about. As you have

It’s time to forgive Anita Bryant

With all this pedophilia being exposed over the years–the Catholic Church and now Westminster–one has to think back to Anita Bryant and her “Save Our Children” warpath where it all started. We must remember that when she began her campaign this was before AIDS, and before pedophilia was discussed as a separate category. It was

My Two Loves, the bisexual love story made in SA

Some of you may remember a delightful movie that was completely filmed here in San Antonio titled My Two Loves. It starred Lynn Redgrave and Mariette Hartley. In My Two Loves, Gail Springer (Mariette Hartley) plays a widow who is courted by her dead husband’s best friend Ben (Barry Newman). Her search for emotional stability leads her

View of Reality from a Chartreuse Couch: Del Shores

Gene: Del, welcome to the Chartreuse Couch again. You look fabulous. Many in San Antonio will remember you and your play presented here in 2007 at the Church Theatre, Southern Baptist Sissies, which is now a film. Let’s start with that. How has that been going? Slide your butt onto the Chartreuse and feel the love. Del: It’s been an amazing

On the Chartreuse Couch: Bill Goodman

Gene: Bill, thank you for joining me on our lovely gay-friendly Chartreuse Couch. There are several topics that I want to inquire about. Mainly your specialty, estate-planning, wills and marriage. Where do we start with this? It is all quite complicated. Bill: Well, same-sex marriage is certainly the hottest topic. Who knew it would all move along so fast? For years I’ve

On the Chartreuse Couch: Margaret King Stanley

Gene: So, Margaret, Welcome to the  Chartreuse Couch. Where the arts come to converse. Everyone loves the arts here in San Antonio and you have been a main instigator of this spiritual awareness all these many years with dance, the symphony, and now opera. And I know you want to speak on that topic and the new Tobin


Marcia and I would spend considerable time playing in each other’s closets during our kindergarten years. Her closet was narrow inside with two wide sliding doors. We would pretend her closet was an elevator where we would spend the day getting on and off as we went about our shopping sprees at our favorite department