Nine Times Ken Paxton Tried to Defeat LGBT Community

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (Photo: Office Ken Paxton)

Last week, it was revealed that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton accepted over $100,000 from the founder of a company who his office was investigating for Medicaid fraud. Paxton claims to have done nothing wrong because his $100,000 donation came from a “family friend.”

In 2015 Paxton was indicted on two counts of securities fraud and one count for failing to register as a securities agent.  Paxton’s financial disclosures reveal he has received over $330,000 dollars from “family friends” for his legal defense fund. Legal experts say Paxton is using a loophole under Texas bribery laws that allows for public servants to receive gifts where there is a “personal, professional or business relationship” independent of official duties.

Since the Supreme Court’s landmark decision making same-sex marriage legal in 2015, Paxton has proven to be a constant meddler of the lowest sort, whose poor judgment and questionable ethics keep landing him in hot water.

Here are 9 times when Paxton either defied the law, or pushed his own anti-LGBT agenda, and busy body antics in the face of opposition. 

March 2015

The state of Texas sues the Obama administration after a change made to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act allows benefits to same-sex couple even if they are living in a state that does not recognize same- sex marriage. “The newly revised definition of ‘spouse’ under the FMLA is in direct violation of state and federal laws and the U.S. Constitution,” Paxton said in a written statement at the time of the lawsuit.

June 2015

Days after the Supreme Court gives same-sex couples the right to marry, Paxton calls the decision a ”lawless ruling” and encourages state workers to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

August 2015

A judge orders Paxton and the states acting health commissioner to appear in court after the state fails to recognize a surviving spouse on the death certificate of a James Stone-Hoskins. The order was later dropped after Paxton agreed to comply with the law.

September 2015

Paxton’s office attempts to block an Austin woman,  Sonemaly Phrasavath, from inheriting a portion of her deceased partner’s estate. Paxton argued that because Phrasavath and her partner Stella Powell were not legally married before Powell passed away in June of 2014, Phrasavath would not be entitled to any portions of her partner’s estate.

October 2015

In a letter to L.T. Gov. Dan Patrick, Paxton urges Patrick to fight for stronger abortion restrictions, as well as laws allowing state workers and business to discriminate against same-sex couples seeking to get married by citing “religious liberties.”

May 2016

Paxton files a federal lawsuit against the Obama administration after the President advises schools to allow transgender students to use the restroom of the gender which they identify with.

May 2016

The Texas Tribune reveals Paxton shopped an anti-transgender policy to several DFW area schools before filing his lawsuit against the Obama administration.

May 2016

Paxton writes a letter to Target Chairman and Chief Executive officer Brian C. Cornell warning that their trans-inclusive policies may lead to “criminal and otherwise unwanted activity,” and that the Texas Legislature may “at some point address the issue.’

July 2016

Paxton asks a federal judge to stall Obama’s transgender directive before the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year.


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