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Christus Health opens benefits to employees in same-sex marriages

Christus Health opens benefits to employees in same-sex marriages

The Christus Health system announced this week that it will now offer employee benefits to same-sex couples who are legally married. Christus has hospitals in Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico and Texas. In the San Antonio area, Christus operates nine hospitals and clinics including the soon-to-open Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. Last summer before

When a longtime partner dies

A San Antonio man mourned the death of his loving companion of 25 years while simultaneously seeking the legal recognition needed to plan the burial. Russell Colombo and Anthony Medina met and fell in love in San Francisco in 1990. They were so committed to each other that in 1993, they entered into a formal

Bexar Republicans seek repeal of local ‘pro-homosexual policies’

A resolution that will be presented at the January 8 meeting of the executive committee of the Bexar County Republican Party urges the “repeal of our local governments’ pro-homosexual policies.” The resolution, which was circulated to local GOP precinct chairs, denounces the passage of the nondiscrimination ordinance that was approved by the City Council in